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In the era where the Big Brands of the audio industry tend to globalize and
“packaging” the entire sound market, the Soundsystem at the Basic Club was designed to respect the strict formulas that every ballroom in the world should have. The general idea takes inspiration from the sound engineering giants Richard Long and Alex Rosner, inventors and creators of the sound projects of: “Paradise Garage” and “Loft”.
The system located in the main hall of the club has in fact 2 large columns, the famous “Stacks”, so nicknamed in the New York urban language, made
entirely in Finnish birch wood, positioned and personalized in full respect of the structural characteristics of the room. Specifically, each Stack is made up of 5 independent sections: Low, Medium-Low, Medium, Medium-High, High.
The different frequencies intertwine with each other, giving life to a balanced but at the same time incredibly performing mix of sounds.
In fact, the Sub-Bass features a very rare extension known as “Levan Horn”, named after its creator Larry Levan. This imposing “trumpet” is The horn is capable of awesome reproduction at very high sound pressure levels down to 30hz. Subsequently the soundsystem had an upgrade with the addition of two custom stacks with subs bertha and top three way custom speakers.


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